So whats for breakfast?

Every morning, we serve a combination on dishes to satisfy even the hungriest. Not all dishes will be served at once every morning, so if there's a dish that caught your eye and you'd like us to serve through-out your stay, please reach out. (Unless it's chicken. We always have chicken. Chicken gives us life.)

Breakfast Menu- The Nash Guest House




8- 10 am

or take it to go

Light openers

Served with a selection of jam, butter, cream cheese and our homemade 3 cheese and garden herbs spread

Mini Bagels


our homemade extra fluffy butter biscuits. Coded with extra butter and dirzzeled with raw honey

Gravy (for yalls biscuits)

Made fresh daily with sausage and bacon this creamy heaven makes every biscuit a celebration on its on. Try it on fried chicken too!

Crabs& Tasties


One of the following:


Scallop potatoes


Twice Baked


Chicken style deep fried 


Pan churned

Super Creamy, oven baked with Montreal stake seasoning, white sweet onions and a crunchy cheesy crust. 

Super Creamy, Super delicious. 

Bite size potatoes cubes coated with our World Famous chicken dredge and deep fried for extra flavor

Pan churned with sweet white onions and green peppers with butter creamy hint.

Mac and Cheese

7 piece rich baked mac and cheese with a crunchy crust and a sour cream drizzle. Its kind of a big deal.

Asian Bacon Fried Rice

Meats and Mains

Bacon rich fried rice with soy and teriyaki sauce. Wok fried with fresh sweet onion and green onions and a gentle touch of creamy butter.

Traditioanl Southern Style Fried Chicken

Our World Famous Chicken Dredge meets chicken for a full on morning flavor celebration. Our recipe has won the Mississippi Fried Chicken Blind Contest for 2 years in a row on all 3 categories. I'll just leave it at that. 

Chicken In A Waffle

Thought the landing on the moon was impressive? Behold. Chicken, dipped in waffle batter, deep fried. Served with our heavenly cookie butter sauce

Pulled BBQ Pork

Slowly smoked overnight in a wood chip smoker pulled work with our secret sweet and tangy BBQ sauce (not spicy)

Deserts& Sweets

Cinnamon Rolls

Big, fluffy and super gooey house made cinnamon roll .Served with our homemade icing and cookie butter sauce.


Home made pancakes with blueberries or crushed sweet granola. Served with traditional syrup and our signature cookie butter sauce. 

Brioche French Toast

Gooey pan fried Brioche french toast, Served with cookie butter sauce, butter and traditional syrup.

Homemade Cookies.

Home made cookies, made with love.


Coffee      |         Tea        |         Water        |          Orange Juice         |       Mimosa

Can I take by Breakfast to go? How does it work?

If your schedule requires you to leave before breakfast is served, we can make you a version of it to take with you. We would prepare an easy to carry out and eat version of something super tasty. Breakfast to go can be ready as early as 7:30AM. If you need it little earlier or would to ask a questions, please reach out. We would love to work with you as long as we are able to deliver a super delicious breakfast.

Do you have gluten free options?

We do. Please look for the GF icon next to the dishes. Shall you have questions or requests, please reach out and we are happy to help.

Do you have Vegetarian Options?

Sure, please look for the V icon next the dishes above. 

What If I'm Vegan? 

Honey, we're sorry, but this is probably not the breakfast for you. Virtually everything we make (except for for some breads and jams) have some sort of animal products in it.

Do you have dairy free options?

We're sorry, but not really. We use butter in most of the things we make.

I'm not a big breakfast person. Do you have lighter options?

Sure! we always offer mini bagels with a selection of jams, freshly made butter biscuits, scrambled eggs and a light desert like pancakes or cinnamon rolls.

Do you have Kosher/ Halal options?

We do offer some meat and pork free option. Please be aware that we do not meat only or dairy only pans, use the same dishwasher to clean all items and process pork in the same kitchen

I really want to try one of the items on the menu during my stay. Can I request an item ahead of time?

Sure! As long as the item request is on the menu, you can request it. We will try to fulfill every request, but can not guarantee it

Can I make modifications to my breakfast?

Sorry, not really. If you choose the Breakfast to Go option, we will suggest some items and you can avoid certain ingredients (like no onions, for example). For our regular breakfast items, items come as is. shall you have any questions or concerns, please reach out. 

I have allergies. What should I do?

Please contact us.

Do you serve Nashville Hot Chicken?

Our Chicken is not spicy by default. Shall you request some spice to it, just ask. We have anything from warm and tangy to burn-your-face-off spicy.

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