Frequently asked questions

General Info

Are you a hotel? A Bed and Breakfast?

We are an a 7 room Guest House- offering private suites within one big home with daily breakfast included.

Who is this property good for?

Our property is best for everyone who wants to experience Nashville like never before. You can find people from all places in all ages at the guest house. We don't have a "typical customer" (like mature couples on a romatic vacation like traditional BNBs, or backpackers in youth hostels). Everybody is welcome! Our property is not a great fit to travelers with pets or families with young children.

What Special about The Nash?

We thrive to make this the best vacation you've had yet! From local reccommendations of where to go and where not to go to an amazing breakfast to start your day off- we have it all.

Do you have a front desk?

We always have an innkeeper available in the main house between 7AM-12AM. For late hours support, reaching our by call or text to our support number and an inkeeper will support promptly.

Are you kid friendly?

We do not allow infants or toddlers. We ask parents to respect the settings- we are a place where adults come to rest, recharge and enjoy.

Do you allow pets?

We do not allow pets.

Room Details

Is the Bathroom private?

Yes. All of our rooms feature private bathrooms in addition to a guest bathroom thats available at the front house.

What can I expect from the room?

We strive to deliver the same quality a traditional hotel does and better. All rooms feature a TV with cable, a sitting area and a Kuerig machine with coffee and tea.

Can I lock my door when I leave?

Of course, each room comes with a key. The front door has a digitalized lock and a code will be provided to you at check in.

Can you hear the street from the room?

We are located in a quite residentail street, which means you get to enjoy the proximity to downtown and a good night sleep.

Location& Nearby


Can I take my breakfast to go? How does it work?

If your schedule requires you to leave before breakfast is served, we can prepare for you a meal to go. It will usually be a a fablous sandwich or easly transportable meal to take with you.

What if I'm Gluten Free?

We offer a choice of gluten free options. please look at for the GF icon next to the dishes above.

What if I'm Vegeterian?

We do accommodate your vegeterian needs as some of our dishes are meat free. Please look for the V sign next to the dishes above.

What if I'm Kosher/ Halal?

It depends on how strict you are. There's of course a selection of dishes that you can choose from if you'd like to steer away from one category. We do not carry a special pan for each component, use the same dishwasher for all dishes and process pork and seafood in the same ktichen.

What if I'm Vegan?

Honey, we're sorry, but this is probably not the place for you. Everything we make will have some dort of dairy, egg and otherwise animal product in it.

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